The Pharma Industry Awards UK 2024 presents an opportunity for your work to be evaluated by industry experts, garner recognition from your peers, benchmark against competitors, and draw in new clients, customers, and top talent to your organisation. See what others have to say.

Gary William Smith


These awards are important to us because we were involved or have been involved for many, many years over in Ireland. And so, for this to come over into Manchester or to the UK, is fantastic.

Liam Burke Masterson


There’s a fantastic representation of stakeholders right across the sector of pharmaceutical and biotech here tonight. They’ve all achieved phenomenal results. Even being listed in these categories, all are winners on the night.

Jen Markey


It’s amazing. There are so many great companies here, so much talent. Absolutely fantastic. It’s been a pleasure to be here, it’s a pleasure to work with you. We will definitely be back next year

Ben Mellows


The calibre of the competition has been top class. We would highly recommend the Pharma Industry Awards for 2024

Marcus Wischik


The team is going to be delighted when they hear, those in Singapore, those in Aberdeen, throughout the world and especially our trial sites. I would absolutely recommend anyone in life sciences, biotech, the business of healing people to come and compete and prove themselves to be part of a great, world beating industry

Del Cohen


The calibre of competition on display tonight was just amazing. It’s challenging and therefore winning the award makes it even more special.

Ian Fawcett


Fantastic. Winning this award means everything. Competition is immense and we’re so proud to finish out the way we are

Charlotte Bland


Our team are absolutely made up. Such an amazing thing to win this award. I mean the calibre was amazing. It’s such a privilege to be amongst them. I totally recommend the Pharma Industry Awards to other companies. It’s like being in a room full of complete legends