Other Events by the Organisers

The Pharma Industry Awards UK 2023 is a part of the Business River network solution which hosts over 12,000 senior level business professionals at over 30 events with a wider business network of over 25,000 people.

We have founded more than 30 award programmes, meetings and events across a diverse range of business sectors:

Entertainment & Leisure | Science & Technology | Pharmachem | Life Sciences | Media & Marketing | Sustainability | Legal & Finance | Construction | Agribusiness | Aviation | Marine | Property Development | Architecture | Fit Out | Facilities Management

Please find below a sample of some of the events within the BusinessRiver network.

Fit Out Awards UK

The Fit Out Awards UK will celebrate excellence in the execution of world-class fit outs, and also the people and clients who drive these projects. The awards offer a great opportunity for companies from all over the UK to come together, network, collaborate, and showcase their work.

Pharma Industry Awards

Launched in 2014, the Pharma Industry Awards recognise and celebrate the most original and innovative individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence in the Irish pharmaceutical industry.

Life Sciences Industry Awards

The Life Science Industry Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in the Irish life science industry. The awards cater for entrants operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and laboratory market.

Aviation Industry Awards

Launched in 2014, the Aviation Industry Awards are the benchmark for excellence for those demonstrating best practice and innovation in the Irish and international aviation industry.

Building and Architect of the Year

Launched in 2017, the Building and Architect of the Year Awards provide a much needed platform for architects and their buildings where the rich variety of architecture encompassing all the main building types can be appraised.

Business Energy Achievement Awards

Launched in 2021, the Business Energy Achievement Awards aims to recognise excellence and achievements from all companies and organisations across the island of Ireland who can demonstrate effective sustainable energy initiatives which are delivering significant benefits to their organisation and the environment.

The Education Awards

Launched in 2017, the Education Awards recognise, encourage and celebrate excellence in the third level education sector on the island of Ireland from both State and privately funded institutions.

Event Industry Awards

Launched in 2009, the Event Industry Awards celebrate excellence and showcase the very highest standards in Ireland's event industry.

Facilities Management Excellence Awards

L​​aunched in 2014, the Facilities Management Excellence Awards is the premier awards programme in recognising the excellent work carried out by Ireland’s facility and property management teams and companies as well as a superb opportunity for the industry to come together and celebrate with our peers.

Fit Out Awards

Launched in 2012, the Fit Out Awards celebrate excellence in the execution of world-class fit outs, and also the people and clients who drive these projects.

Green Awards

Launched in 2008, the Green Awards recognise the extraordinary contribution and commitment that companies now make towards growing a greener future in Irish business today.

Green Food & Beverage Producer Awards

Launched in 2020, and run under the auspices of the Green Awards, the Green Food & Beverage Producer Awards will highlight the many and varied initiatives that producers in Ireland are taking to make food production here as sustainable as possible.

Health & Safety Excellence Awards

Launched in 2020, the Health & Safety Excellence Awards recognise the companies who are most effectively demonstrating best practice in health and safety.

HR Leadership & Management Awards

Launched in 2015, the HR Leadership & Management Awards are vital to promote HR, as they allow innovation and achievement to shine, and the ceremony itself is attended by hundreds of leading industry figures.

Irish Accountancy Awards

Launched in 2016, the Irish Accountancy Awards recognise & celebrate excellence in the accountancy profession in Ireland.

Irish Construction Industry Awards

Launched in 2014, the Irish Construction Industry Awards recognises, encourages and celebrates original and innovative contractors, businesses, teams, consultants and projects that demonstrate excellence in the built environment.

Irish Content Marketing Awards

Launched in 2018, The Irish Content Marketing Awards recognise achievements in leveraging the content marketing discipline to drive business and organisational success.

Irish CX Impact Awards

Launched in 2018, the Irish CX Impact Awards recognise your achievements in measuring and managing Customer Experience excellence that delivers better outcomes for your customers and ultimately your own business or organisation.

Irish Laboratory Awards

Launched in 2013, the Irish Laboratory Awards recognise excellence and achievement in the laboratory environment, covering management, innovation, collaboration, personnel development and laboratory equipment supply.

Irish Logistics & Transport Awards

Launched in 2010, the Irish Logistics & Transport Awards aim to recognise and celebrate excellence in the logistics and transportation sector and to encourage teams and individuals to constantly raise the bar, to innovate and maintain their commitment to the industry in their day-to-day endeavours.

Irish Private Label & Contract Manufacturer Awards

Launched in 2020, the Irish Private Label & Contract Manufacturer Awards seek to celebrate your commitment and recognise the best-in-class manufacturers operating in this sector in Ireland today and their stunning achievements in competing on the world stage.

Irish Sponsorship Awards

Launched in 2012, the aim of the Irish Sponsorship Awards is to raise the bar and promote the sponsorship medium as a key strategic marketing channel through which to deliver business and organisational success.

National Procurement Awards

Launched in 2012, the National Procurement Awards has established itself as the premier event in Ireland for benchmarking excellence in the procurement profession in Ireland.

Operational Excellence Awards

Launched in 2021, the Operational Excellence Awards aims to recognise and reward the individuals, teams and organisations who have made a commitment to achieving operational excellence and business transformation.

Manufacturing Excellence Awards

The Manufacturing Excellence Awards recognises and celebrates exceptional achievements within the manufacturing industry. As a peer-reviewed platform for demonstrating innovation, operational excellence, and industry advancement, the Manufacturing Excellence Awards are poised to set new benchmarks and inspire transformative change.

Association & Institute Awards

The 'Association & Institute Awards' recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements, innovations, and contributions of associations and professional bodies across industries. These awards highlight the exceptional leadership, membership engagement, advocacy efforts, education and professional development initiatives, and overall impact of these organisations.

Digital Transformation Awards

The 'Digital Transformation Awards' recognise organisations that have successfully embraced and implemented digital transformation initiatives, leveraging technology to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Engineering Excellence Awards

The Engineering Excellence Awards recognise the transformative power of Irish engineering across diverse fields. From groundbreaking construction and design to cutting-edge industrial and manufacturing solutions, these awards honour outstanding achievements and inspire future generations.